What are the top ten teak flooring?

What are the top ten teak flooring?

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To introduce ten teak flooring. In the flooring industry, the teak known as the "king of wood," has been the world's luxury palaces and senior villas, luxury cruise ships, luxury yachts,WPC flooring is the mainstream floor decoration materials luxury car interior of the preferred material. Teak - the world's best recognized wood flooring, is the only can experience sea water erosion and sun exposure but does not occur bending and cracking of wood. But have to say is that there are many types of teak.
Different parts of the different versions of its material is also different. Ten teak flooring: "teak teak", "teak", "teak", "africa teak", "teak", "teak", "teak", "teak", "guyana teak" "vietnam Teak ". In these ten kinds of wood flooring, Waterproof outdoor wall panel undoubtedly Myanmar teak and Thai teak is the best wood. But the ban on cutting down the Thai teak, now Myanmar grapefruit for the top grade. Teak wood and its high density and hardness, not easy to wear; teak rich in iron and oil, the iron and oil to make it difficult to deformation, anti-insect ants, anti-acid, especially moisture, decay, and with a Natural mellow.
Beautiful ink lines, gorgeous oil shadow, constitute a unique natural teak texture; its planing surface color can be oxidized by photosynthesis golden yellow, and the color is more beautiful with the extension of time. Many ancient and modern, many well-preserved ancient buildings are almost always decorated with teak. Teak is characterized by: stability, wear, moisture, corrosion, moth, anti-acid, anti-alkali advantages: 1, naturally contains heavy oil,Waterproof teak boat decking moisture, pest control, anti-ants. Teak cut down by a month later, due to changes in nutrition, play a role in preventing insects. But also particularly resistant to decay, teak has a thousand years without rot of the example. 2, micro-pinhole solid structure, both the strength and toughness of teak wood flooring, good stability, normal hard wood floor installed within two years there will be a larger expansion in the winter, the gap of 3 to 4 mm; Shrink from the drum, easy to sound. Teak wood flooring stability. 3, color classic, golden brown to dark brown, soft ink line, gorgeous oil shadow, forming a mix of texture, atmosphere, elegant.
4, teak-specific mellow, anti-insect anti-ants, anti-acid alkali, decay. Unique flavor of the brain in the elderly have a soothing role in promoting sleep. 5, timeless, more beautiful colors over time. Teak floor maintenance: As the teak itself is rich in oil and iron, so do not need to wax the teak floor, as long as the semi-dry cotton mop wipe,cheap outdoor patio flooring do the daily cleaning like. The general maintenance of solid wood flooring no matter how good, over time or old, depreciation of the problem is inevitable. Teak is very magical, the more you use the more beautiful, like many years later, like the new, even more than just shop when the beautiful.
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