Development trend of wood - plastic composites

Development trend of wood - plastic composites

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To the development of ecological and environmental materials,Sunshade WPC pergola wood and plastic composite products to be able to as ecological and environmental materials must have three characteristics: ① to be able to meet the performance requirements on the use; ② must be considered to save resources and energy as much as possible to reduce the environmental Pollution; ③ in the study,Teak Vinyl Flooring design and preparation of materials and the use of waste materials and production in all aspects, materials or products throughout the life cycle must meet the coordination requirements of the environment. In this case,

Wood composites have dual properties of wood and plastic, adding a certain amount of functional materials, can make it with wear-resistant, flame retardant, anti-aging properties and biodegradable and other functions.Outdoor WPC DIY flooring Should make the material from low to high, from single function to multi-functional direction. By adjusting its composite degree, choosing its connection form and changing its symmetry and other factors, in order to achieve the high value of functional materials.

The physical and chemical properties of the composites should be considered during the study of the functional wood composites to avoid any conflicts between the components.Vinyl Teak Boat Flooring To fully improve its main mechanical properties, so that it can be used as structural materials. On the other hand, to solve the problem of waste materials recycling is the realization of wood-based materials processing technology industry, the scale of the key.
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