Outdoor solid wood floor maintenance methods

Outdoor solid wood floor maintenance methods

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With the increasingly affluent life, outdoor terrace decoration we are increasingly willing to spend money, garden-style terrace covered with anti-corrosion wood floors have a special feeling.Cheap Wood Plastic Composite Deck Floor Preservative wood in today's living environment is very common, antiseptic wood are generally used in outdoor landscape or flower rack, flower pots, wooden plank and platform, balcony. Preservative wood is good If there is no correct installation methods and regular maintenance, wood preservative life will not be long. backyard pvc fence for sale Here to introduce some of the installation method of preservative wood and maintenance program.
1, outdoor wood should be dried outdoors to the outside world with the same degree of humidity and then the construction. The use of large water content of wood construction will appear after the installation of a larger deformation and cracking.
2, in the construction site,plastic wood wall panels for hotel preservative wood should be ventilated storage, should be avoided as much as possible sun exposure.
3, in the construction site, as far as possible the use of preservative wood existing size, cheapest way to deck flooring for on-site processing, should use the appropriate preservative full brushing all the incisions and holes to ensure the life of wood preservative.
4, in the construction of the terrace as far as possible to reduce the use of long wood joints, in order to appearance; between the board to stay 5mm-10mm gap.
5, all connections should be used galvanized fittings or stainless steel fittings and hardware products to corrosion, must not use different pieces of metal, or will soon rust, so that wood products by the fundamental damage to the structure.
6, in the production and perforation of the process, should first drill with electric drill, and then fixed with screws, so as to avoid artificial cracking.
7. Although the treated wood can be resistant to fungi, mildew and termite erosion, we recommend that you use wood protection paint on the surface after the wood has been dried or air-dried. The use of outdoor wood special paint should be noted that the first to fully shake, after finishing 24 hours of sunny conditions, so that the coating in the wood surface film.
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