The future development of outdoor leisure chairs

The future development of outdoor leisure chairs

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<p>Wood flooring compared to the beautiful natural tile, has a good foot feeling, good insulation, so the majority of owners love. Family decoration, in addition to kitchen and bathroom balcony and other special space, the general floor of the shop are wooden floor. Wood flooring is good, if not properly paved will not only affect the final presentation, but also may also bring some security risks. So it Xiaobian tips in the wood floor pavement completed, we must do a good job acceptance of wood floors and testing.</p>

<p> First, the wood floor acceptance: Check Yan view color is very simple, is to use the eyes to observe the overall color and pattern of the floor, each floor between the lines are natural and color chromatic aberration. Of course, do not think the floor texture perfect stitching, the color is a unified natural clearance. As we all know, solid wood flooring is a natural material, the color is very difficult to completely consistent, and lines and more chaotic, it is impossible to achieve the color and texture on the high degree of unity, the general artificial laminate flooring will appear perfect color and pattern unity Case.</p>

<p> Of course, in order to interior beauty, we can propose and open to manufacturers or exchange large color deviation of the floor. Second, the wood floor acceptance: back and forth to listen to the sound, acceptance, the back and forth on the floor, footsteps to focus. In the wall parts and door openings to pay more attention to acceptance, if found in the sound of the site, to repeat the move to determine the specific location of the sound, and then do a good job with chalk marks. In such cases, you can ask to remove the resurfacing. Third, the wood floor acceptance: hand touch the floor, hand to touch the floor and found that a single piece of solid wood flooring surface is not flat or uneven contact with the floor, there may be a construction problem or poor quality of the floor .</p>

<p>But also pay attention to touch the floor table to show off whether there is scratches, scratches the situation, if so, then the quality of the floor may not pass. Because the general floor are wear index, do not use sharp objects or heavy-duty furniture such as American tempered glass wine cabinet and sofa, it is difficult to form scratches on the surface. Fourth, the wood floor acceptance: small details can not let go, generally if the keel is not pest control, it will be easy to breed borers, which from the outside, the floor of the grazing. Therefore, check this point is still very necessary.</p>

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