Floor cleaning and maintenance of durable maintenance thanks

Floor cleaning and maintenance of durable maintenance thanks

Postautor: harden » 21 lis 2016, o 10:46

<p>Do not think that the election of good material, good pavement, the floor once and for all, especially the pavement in the kitchen floor,wood plastic composite flower pots daily cleaning and maintenance is the most critical.</p>

<p>1, careful care</p>

<p>The floor of the kitchen must be cleaned daily,outdoor picnic pavilion plans with a soft dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor of the dust and dirt.</p>

<P>2, often waxing protection</P>

<p>As we all know, the floor needs to be waxed and maintained, and the wooden floor of the kitchen needs to be waxed and maintained. Monthly on the floor for a careful waxing, a good protection of the floor, so that the kitchen floor more durable.</p>

<p>3, stubborn stains immediately</p>

<p>Kitchen inside the most annoying stains is grease, and encountered difficult to remove the grease,composite fence kits you need to use a special oil and soft cloth to wipe clean, if it is non-oil stains stubborn stains, you can first clean with a neutral detergent solution , And then wring dry soft cloth to wipe clean.</p>
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