flooring prices rose

flooring prices rose

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This is the reporter learned yesterday from the Liaoning Provincial Furniture Association. "Timber raw material depletion caused by the overall price trend of the flooring industry is gradually rising." Yesterday, the Liaoning Provincial Furniture Association, said the white-red, "compared with the price of the first quarter, fence post backfill Andalucia now solid wood flooring prices rose about 5% Other floor, such as laminate flooring, etc., compared with last year, there are about 10 yuan per square meter increase.

" Now floor price increases faster and faster, used to be a year, followed by a half-yearly change, and now almost Is the price of each quarter. "Shenyang, a floor marketing director Zhou Shaosong said. At present, Liaoning has thousands of flooring businesses, in order to seize the consumer market in the larger cake,composite porch railing wood color many businesses than by the price change into a "innovation." Individual businesses launched the "original" floor - a number of "scar Lai Lai" instead of the wood proved the solid wood floor.

"A lot of customers like this original feeling of nature," says one marketing officer. Liaoning Province Furniture Association Zushu Wu told reporters that the wood of the "scar" are undoubtedly used to save energy, which is a good thing for the market, but consumers must choose to buy large manufacturers of the brand, paint composit wood grain closet fence Usually well-known brands such as the introduction of the floor have been related to testing, health and other aspects of inspection are in line with standards, consumers will be more secure.
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