improvement of living standards

improvement of living standards

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Especially in recent years, the application of geothermal heating in the north, multi-layer wood flooring with its anti-geothermal heating function to become the ideal ground floor low maintenance outdoor flooring heating materials, welcomed by the vast number of consumers, is expected this year will continue to maintain the momentum of solid wood flooring,

Liaoning market mainstream products. Famous brands popular, with the improvement of living standards, housing conditions are improving, people on the floor demand is not only its cool plastic strips for stairs and moisture-proof comfortable use of the function, but also its aesthetic, and indoor integration decorative effect, to display The temperament of the master, image, level, taste and status of the times personality.

Especially the special nature of the flooring goods and prone to complaints, so consumers are willing to choose the brand of formal production of the floor, because the brand floor focus on quality and after-sales service, fewer problems occur, and found a timely solution . From the national perspective, some big brand flooring sales,how to measure tongue and groove ceiling on a radius such as Saint, Fillinger, Seoul and other reinforced flooring production and sales accounted for more than 40% of the total sales of solid sheet, solid wood flooring on behalf of Shun, nature and other production enterprises, production accounts for the country Solid wood flooring production of 40-50%.
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