Advantages Of Composite Wood Floor

Advantages Of Composite Wood Floor

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composite parquet of superior performance is well known, after 50 years of research and development to today's composite wood flooring is a qualitative leap.
The advantages of composite wood floor
1, composite solid wood flooring natural visual sense: Outdoor WPC Flooring composite solid wood flooring surface has beautiful natural texture, delicate structure, full of change, beautiful color and generosity.
2, the price of composite solid wood flooring: composite solid wood flooring and three layers of solid wood flooring compared to the price much cheaper, Garden wood-plastic fence basically equal to slightly more expensive floor to strengthen the price.
3, composite solid wood flooring material is good, easy processing, recyclable: wood is a renewable natural material, is the world's four major materials (steel, wood, plastic, cement) in the most sustainable use of the advantages of green material. Yacht Deck Option Of which more than 2mm layer of composite solid wood flooring can be polished after the old paint can be re-used in addition to paint renovation.
4, composite solid wood flooring has good geothermal adaptability, Cheap WPC Pergola composite solid wood flooring can be used in geothermal heating environment, to solve the solid wood flooring in the geothermal heating environment problems.
5, composite solid wood flooring stability: As the composite solid wood flooring excellent structural characteristics, from the technical to ensure the stability of the floor.
6, composite solid wood flooring construction and installation is simple: composite solid wood flooring is usually larger size, and can not increase the keel and direct suspension method to install, so that installation more quickly. Greatly reducing the installation cost of installation time, but also to avoid the use of the keel of the poor quality of products caused by accidents.
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