solid composite wood floor

solid composite wood floor

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The floor, ie the surface layer of a building's floor or floor.Bamboo Decking in Dubai Made of wood or other materials. There are many types of flooring, according to the structure classification: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood composite flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring and the most popular multi-layer parquet; by use classification: home use, commercial use , Flooring, outdoor flooring, stage dance floor, sports floor dedicated floor, track and field dedicated flooring, etc .; according to environmental classification are: E0 floor, JAS star standard F4 star floor and so on.

Distinguish between the 'wooden floor' is a big way to see six faces of the grain is not the same. Consumers in the purchase of the floor, we must not only look at the surface, but to see the six surface texture, color is the same.estimated per square foot cost to build composite deck Because the counterfeiters take into account the cost of the problem, not the six surface are made false. You can also use the lighter to identify the transfer floor. In general, the transfer of the floor above the printed board as a layer of 'mortar putty' and then paint, paint adhesion will be worse. Once the flame with a lighter to the floor, the floor is easy to paint stripping paint burst, and the normal floor will not be the case.

Wood flooring does not fall,wood plastic door frame a big reason is that manufacturers use low-quality wood to create the floor. The United States called high-quality wood flooring, grafted, mixed around audio-visual, so that consumers deceived. But the paper can not contain fire after all,lightweight slate outdoor tile poor quality and the existence of essential differences in the use of wood flooring process is easy to find.
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