manager of wood floor

manager of wood floor

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Bondi floor, general manager Li Yucheng: I understand that the financial crisis "crisis" is not innovative, or innovation is not strong brands and enterprises, Bondi "domestic trade",installing vinyl plank flooring "foreign trade" both hands are very hard, because the state Di has a strong R & D capability to participate in this year's Shenyang Fair, to the booth more than 130 square meters, is to fully introduce the Bondi's patented product.

This year, Bondi will expand the floor base, increase product promotion and branding efforts to expand the "domestic trade" market, Bondi can launch such a huge market strategy,cost and pictures of 200 ft deck on the one hand, Bondi has such strength, on the one hand, Bondi can occupy Shenyang to such a large exhibition platform. General manager of wood floor, general manager of the North American gold Yang Lan, classic home, the emperor Hao home, Saint Pierre,

Xin Bote and other participating companies CEOs and representatives have to speak, We said that Liao Shen flooring enterprises occupy the advantage of favorable geographical position,panel plastic durable warp the use of provincial associations to create a favorable platform for the Expo, Baotuan attack, will be able to the occasion of the financial crisis, the occupation of "domestic trade" highlands, insurance growth, Promote the development of the war, ushered in the development of the Liaoning-Shenyang flooring industry in the spring.
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