How to maintain solid wood flooring

How to maintain solid wood flooring

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Flooring decoration is a very important part of home improvement,<a href="">vinyl timber dance floor in singapore</a> many people will choose solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring is not only durable but also more beautiful, but want to extend the life of solid wood flooring floor must be regularly maintained, then the solid wood flooring how to maintain?

First, you can usually use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean solid wood floor surface dust, and then wring dry to dry cloth or mop without dripping wipe solid wood floor surface. After mopping the best open the doors and windows, so that air circulation, as soon as possible to dry wood flooring, solid wood floor to keep clean and dry.

Second, from time to time on the solid wood floor waxing care, but waxing can not be too frequent, <a href="">use composite boards in louvered fence</a> at least once every 6 months.

Third, walking in the solid wood floor, should wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot.<a href="">best wood plastic floor for hotel</a> To the furniture "feet" are affixed with a soft bottom protective pad, to avoid the furniture "feet" scratch wood flooring wear layer, do not let the heavy goods smashed wear-resistant layer. Can not use sandpaper, sander, steel brush, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean solid wood flooring. If the cat at home, to find ways to solve the cat's paw damage.

To prevent the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. water overflow, go out and remember to check all water facilities, try to avoid the solid wood floor contact with water; to avoid household appliances hot and cold winds; to avoid the sun and rain or rain soaked solid wood flooring; Straight blow and bake wood floors; to avoid prolonged open the door, open the door and cause the outside wind straight blow solid wood flooring.

5, solid wood flooring pavement should be admitted in two weeks, a long time live or often do not live in the room,<a href="">india timber flower boxes provider</a> should be put in the room and a few pots of water or use the humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should strengthen ventilation. Keep the room not too dry or damp.

6, grease, paint, ink and other special stains can be used to wipe the oil to a special stain; blood, fruit juice, wine, beer and other residual stains with a wet rag or dipped in an appropriate amount of solid wood floor cleaning agent wipe; wax and chewing gum, Ice on top for a while, so that the contraction of the frozen, and then gently blowing, and then use a damp cloth or dipped in a moderate amount of solid wood floor cleaner wipe. In short, can not use strong acid-base liquid clean solid wood flooring.
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