Without Formaldehyde Wood Floor

Without Formaldehyde Wood Floor

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Following a brand was exposed formaldehyde incident, formaldehyde seems to fade in people's attention for some time. However, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision recently on the part of solid wood and wood composite floor sampling test found that formaldehyde is still lingering in the long-standing problem, recycled plastic applications wpc in the unqualified products, there has been a formaldehyde emission level rating does not Qualified questions.
Sampling floor formaldehyde identification failed
Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, respectively, the city's production of solid wood and parquet products for special supervision and spot checks. how to cover composite deck ends In the sampling of a total of 88 batches of products, 7 batches of substandard quality.
Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau of the relevant quality supervision sampling results show that in this solid wood flooring 58 batches of products, spot checks, Cheng brand merbau wood solid wood flooring and Kyushu disc beans solid wood flooring 2 batches of substandard products.
In contrast, the failure rate of solid wood flooring is much higher. In this kind of flooring 30 batches of product sampling, 5 batches of products failed, the failure rate of 16.7%.
In Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau Web site to see the unqualified products, including LM multi-layer parquet, is Geshabili solid wood flooring, MERRY Mecca sports flooring system professional panel, handyman working with pvc boards good home multi-layer parquet and pattern White oak wood flooring.
Test report that the spot checks found that the failure of solid wood flooring is the size of the deviation and logo or packaging logo, and wood flooring problems in addition to the above two points, but also including the formaldehyde emission level rating failed.
In this case,
Insiders pointed out that in order to reduce production costs, formaldehyde emission is a large solid wood composite flooring has been a long-standing problem, maintenance free deck plans so some companies began to start on the logo of the article, trying to deceive consumers.
Professor, said in an interview, due to excessive formaldehyde emission hazards to human health, the national mandatory standards clearly defined wood-based panels and products should be marked with formaldehyde emission limit products. While the formaldehyde emission must meet the national standards of less than 1.5mg / L.
However, industry sources, some small manufacturers in order to avoid the risk of direct neglect of formaldehyde emission identification, and some are in the packaging of formaldehyde emission limit on the logo printed beautifully bright, but in fact its release is not necessarily compliance.
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