Asphalt sprinkle details

Asphalt sprinkle details

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<p>Asphalt sprinkler is the main equipment for the construction of highway, city road, airport and harbor wharf. It is used to transport and transport asphalt pavement when building asphalt pavement or asphalt pavement by adopting asphalt penetration method, asphalt pavement method and surface treatment method. (Including hot, emulsified asphalt and oil residue),High Quality Asphalt Drum Compactor but also to the local loose soil asphalt binder, the construction of asphalt stabilized pavement or pavement base.</p>
<p>Asphalt spreading truck is a kind of black road construction machinery, which is the main equipment of road, city road, airport and harbor wharf construction.In the construction of asphalt pavement or asphalt or residual oil by asphalt pavement,pavement on concrete machine (Including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residual oil): In addition, it can also be supplied to the local loose asphalt binder soil, the construction of asphalt stabilized pavement, or asphalt pavement can be used to Pavement base.</p>
<p>The construction of high-grade asphalt pavement at the bottom of the permeable waterproof layer adhesive layer of asphalt, road maintenance in the asphalt overlay, spraying, can also be used for the implementation of layered paving equipment anti-jamming capability.</p>
<p>Intelligent asphalt sprinkler for the construction of high-grade asphalt pavement at the bottom of the permeable layer of oil, waterproof layer, adhesive layer of the cloth. Can be sprayed with high viscosity modified asphalt, heavy asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt,how to fix cracks in driveway asphalt emulsified asphalt Etc. It can also be used for the construction of oil road at the county and township level for the implementation of the layered paving technology, which consists of the chassis, the asphalt tank, the asphalt pumping and spraying system, the heat conduction oil heating system, the hydraulic system, the combustion system, Control system, pneumatic system, operating platform structure.</p>
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