Solid wood floor maintenance four prevention

Solid wood floor maintenance four prevention

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<p>Solid wood flooring feet feel comfortable, color simple and beautiful, add a lot of family warmth. And it is the need to master the solid wood flooring in the weekdays do solid wood flooring &quot;four prevention.&quot; (1) solid wood floor maintenance should pay attention to waterproof, the rainy season to close the windows, to avoid rain, once the solid wood floor accidentally touched the water, to be promptly wiped clean with a soft cloth to keep dry.</p>

<p> Cement ground back to the water wet, it is easy to cause solid wood floor rotten deterioration, warping bulging and other issues, should be promptly solve the problem of moisture back to the water, if necessary, renovation and replacement of solid wood flooring. (2) solid wood floor maintenance should pay attention to fire. Do not arbitrarily will not extinguish the cigarette butts and matchsticks lost in the solid wood floor; placed electric stove, rice cooker, electric iron, electric iron and other items, must have anti-burning, anti-hot pad; can not use gasoline to remove solid wood flooring Of the dirt, to prevent static friction, causing a fire.</p>

<p> (3) solid wood floor maintenance should pay attention to anti-injury, solid wood flooring is also easy to damage. Even the sin of small gravel, over time is also easy to wear the surface of the texture and color, leaving traces. If there has been gravel, to be promptly wiped with a sub-wet soft cloth wipe. It is best to put on soft-bottomed slippers and then into the room. The bottom of the angular items, not directly placed in the solid wood floor operation. (4) solid wood floor maintenance should pay attention to anti-fouling. If it is water-soluble substances left in the general dirt, you can first wipe the dust, and then with a soft cloth dipped in tea, Amoy water or orange peel soaked with orange peel water wipe. </p>

<p>If it is sputum, gum, paint and other dirt is not easy to remove, do not rush to wipe with gasoline, you must carefully distinguish the nature of the dirt and then decided to take a different approach and different cleaning agents to clean up. For those who do not understand the chemical nature of the cleaning agent, can not be used at random, so as to avoid chemical reaction with the paint caused by solid wood floor damage. Do not use hard to damage the film or tool to scratch the solid wood floor.</p>

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