conducive to sleep

conducive to sleep

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<p>human exhaled gases such as ammonia and acetone &amp; quot;Experts &amp; quot;.At the same time it also can filter the benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air.Its high evaporation speed can prevent nasal mucous membrane is dry, the possibility of sicken is reduced greatly.16, waringin, leaves and roots can absorb three vinyl chloride, </p>
<p>benzene and formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and break it down into non-toxic substances.17 and dripping guanyin: has the effect of dust removing air.18, milan: can absorb sulfur dioxide and chlorine gas from the atmosphere.In the IPPM chlorine smoked 4 hours in the air, 1 kg of dry leaf chloride uptake of 0.0048 grams.19, Boston fern: by </p>
<p>NASA ranks ninth in the purification of air of Boston fern plants are always loved by people.This cool and relaxing the plants for proven ability to remove the mold and toxic substances in the indoor air is referred to as &quot;the most effective filtration plant.20, African chrysanthemum: the plant is not only the absorption of formaldehyde, and has a </p>
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