flooring manufacturers in the paint

flooring manufacturers in the paint

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solid wood flooring surface painting, the original is more abundant to show the natural and simple texture of the log, while the log as a flooring material to avoid impatience and other inherent flaws. However, the excessive coating of paint produced by a large number of silt deposition, resulting in woody cloudy,lightweight materials for floor fuzzy, paint adhesion decreased in the daily use of paint prone to peeling, collapse paint, cracking paint and so on ... ... "

"Solid wood flooring if you can not get out" more coated more "errors, the whole category of the future direction of the blow will be devastating! Many professionals composite wood floor sellers Singapore on the solid wood flooring manufacturers in the paint on the "confused" approach worried. 4: 4: 4 As the leading brand in the flooring industry,

the company has 24 years of solid wood flooring R & D and manufacturing experience of the strength of the enterprise - Lian Fung floor after repeated laboratory material testing found that the number of solid wood floor paint and Three factors that affect the quality of solid wood flooring: paint layer permeability, solid pvc foam board flexibility and adhesion between the existence of a high degree of correlation between the proportion.
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