Asphalt crushed stone synchronous road car seal construction

Asphalt crushed stone synchronous road car seal construction

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<p>Recently, SSD40A Asphalt Gravel Sealant Vehicle developed by Shanghai DOAN Machinery Company was put into use on the construction site of Daban Mountain to Qitai Expressway in Mulei County of Gansu Province,low cost road resurfacing machine supplier Lingtai County Highway in Pingliang County of Gansu Province and Nanning of Guangxi Province. Accurate spread, stable performance and efficient work rate by the majority of users of all ages.</p>
<p>SSD40A Asphalt Crushed Stone Synchro Sealer uses radar velocity measurement and computer automatic control and measurement, and it can carry out asphalt and gravel continuous synchronous intelligent spreading operation, and also can spread asphalt or gravel single species. It is very suitable for large-scale road maintenance construction operation. (10m ³), a large area of ​​construction, high efficiency, precision radar speed (0 ~ 15km / h),Urban road practical repair equipment computer intelligence and precise control of asphalt, gravel spread, spread evenly, spreading width adjustable (maximum 4m ).</p>
<p>During the construction of SSD40A Asphalt Crushed Stone Synchronization Seal Car, the senior engineers and technical service personnel of DOAN Engineering Machinery Research Institute have been deeply involved in the front line for many years and have made great efforts to ensure the high-quality construction. SSD40A Asphalt Crushed Stone Synchronized Sealant Vehicle won the praise from users all over the world for its high construction quality,lasting value driveway pavers resellers low purchase cost, high performance-price ratio, stable performance and humanized service and so on.</p>
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