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<p>enough light and don't put perfumes, will be more bad.Toilet is not too wet, dry mop cloth on the balcony, toilet brush with lavatory agent frequently, these are my toilet smell experience, absolutely effective.17. Toilet humidity is too heavy, if have a shower, a lot of water vapor is not suitable for the growth of plants.Should pay attention to every </p>
<p>two or three days to take out your plants &quot;breathe&quot;.Otherwise, long-term retention in the bathroom of plants are generally not live long.In this also reminds, had better not put plants in toilet, if must add some green plant effect, might as well consider to place a strain of artificial flowers.18. His family's solution is to clean the health, keep health, home </p>
<p>toilet use frequency is low, after all.(so) in some fragrant odor removal effect is good.19. In addition to smell a plant is not enough, suggest first hired cleaning!See if there is blockage and leakage, etc. These ruled out, again to clean, put on their favorite plants.20. Fern may be suitable for some, such as moss, but then again, the bathroom is </p>
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