seize the market

seize the market

Postautor: harden » 25 lis 2016, o 03:42

<p>This blind pursuit of the amount of expansion to seize the market, do not pay attention to the phenomenon of product development, the end result can only lead to repeat the production of low-grade products. Overproduction of composite boards used on park benches Mexico low-grade products, no doubt exacerbated by the same industry in the domestic and international market disorderly price competition, resulting in a significant decline in corporate profits.</p><p> The price war is more harm than good, from the business point of view, some small and medium-sized flooring business on their own funding chain budget, the analysis is not deep enough, whether indoor plastic wood flooring forced competition price cuts, or blindly follow the trend of price war and eventually lead to funding strand breaks</p><p> From the product point of view, many small and medium-sized flooring companies in order to survive in the whirlpool of price wars, are constantly challenging the bottom line of product quality, seriously affecting the public awareness of the industry And confidence, and thus seriously affect white composite boards the development of enterprises and even the industry.</p>
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