Flooring also needs gentle maintenance

Flooring also needs gentle maintenance

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<p>Solid wood flooring how to maintain should be kept dry, clean, avoid contact with a lot of water, do not allow alkaline, soapy water wipe. If smudge, as long as the use of steel velvet friction can be removed, do not use gasoline to wipe, as a result of gasoline wipes with the floor friction will have static electricity, can easily lead to gasoline combustion, leading to fire hazards. Solid wood floor maintenance --- waxing, from time to time (usually one to two months) to play a wax. </p>

<p>Waxing method is: decontamination, with semi-dry towel wipe the floor and the first wax, with a soft cloth to the floor wax evenly coated on the floor surface and make it &quot;thoroughly&quot;, a little dry, the steel velvet on Mop the mop under the floor wax, pull the mop back and forth to wipe the floor stained stains get rid of, sweeping the surface, with wax mop back and forth mop the floor surface. General 500 grams of wax can play wood floor about 10 square meters.</p>

<p> Waxing the floor more often smooth, 500 grams of wax can generally play about 30 square meters. You can also paint maintenance, every about a year on a layer of polyester varnish or polyurethane varnish. Solid wood floor maintenance --- dry, in case of heating or other water diffuse on the ground, the water must be dry in time, but not let the sun directly or by electric oven baking, so as not to dry too fast, the floor dry. Solid wood floor maintenance --- gentle. Paint the floor should be as far as possible to reduce the sun straight sun, so as to avoid excessive exposure to UV paint, dry ahead of aging and aging.</p>

<p> Do not throw cigarette butts or burnt matchsticks on a clean wooden floor to avoid scorching the floor. And avoid sharp objects or long time pressure characterization. Good floor, long-term do not live, should not be covered with plastic sheeting or newspapers, because a long time the film will be sticky, dull, and should avoid hot water basin, hot rice cooker and other high temperature objects directly touch the floor.</p>

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