Causes of wood flooring deformation reason

Causes of wood flooring deformation reason

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Wood flooring is a relatively popular floor, its texture is good, gives a warm feeling, and the wooden floor will not distribute harmful gases, is the real green decoration materials. inexpensive diy outdoor patio flooring Next to introduce the wood floor deformation causes and how to clean the floor.
The reason of wooden floor arch
1, the floor is soaked damp
Wood flooring will be mainly because of the water is soaked, quality assurance wood plastic flower boxes for example, did not close the windows under heavy rain, rain did not timely clean-up, immersed in wood flooring, this situation handled properly, it is easy to cause wooden floor from the arch.
2, wood flooring too tight
If the laying in the dry season, if the increase in environmental humidity,composite plastic wood flooring the floor will be expanded with the increase in environmental humidity, resulting in wooden floor assembled together can not make it stretch, only upward expansion, causing arch.
3, the floor moisture content is too low
If in dry weather, moisture content is too low, after the moisture absorption transition will cause deformation of arch.
Wood floor cleaning methods
1, decontamination
In the daily cleaning wooden floor, recycled composite wood floor in south africa if the use of non-professional cleaning agents, such as dragging the floor after the end will be more easily contaminated with dust. The wet mop will moisture through the wooden floor, it is likely to cause the wooden floor from Alice, mildew rot. Therefore, when cleaning wooden floor stains, use a professional wooden floor cleaner, according to the proportion of deployment, and then mopping the floor when the mop dry.
2, to the oil
If it is a small area of ??oil, you can use a professional cleaning agent on the cloth on the scrub, if it is a long time the stubborn oil can be soft with the old toothbrush dipped in detergent gently brushing. Prohibit the use of washing powder, detergent and other non-professional cleaning agents directly wipe the wooden floor.
3, wood flooring moisture
If it is natural wood, processed wood flooring will contain a certain amount of moisture, so the wooden floor moisture to be very attention, to carry out ventilation and maintain indoor air circulation. But also often waxing, so you can avoid the invasion of moisture.
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