Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture

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" In 1980, Li Daoguang as the Ministry of Agriculture sent students to the United States, to the United States Wisconsin State University and Arizona State University to colorful composite decking for courtyard learn two years of forest management. At that time the Chinese students to the United States is very small, the state to the funding is not much, we live a very difficult life,

"the most we feel uncomfortable is the difference between the living standards of the two countries too, so we are thinking as soon as possible Returned to participate in the country's economic construction. "After returning home, Li Daoguang was assigned to a state-run farm in Shanghai when the manager, life flies. His son grew up,composite decking mushroom he very much hope that his son can go abroad to see, increase knowledge. "But I was the income, want to study at their own expense is almost impossible.

In 1991, the 45-year-old Li Daoguang resigned, because of the experience of studying abroad, but also proficient in forest professional, he successfully entered a foreign furniture company. deck flooring for outside In 1993, he entered the Singapore Kyrgyzstan as the Wood Group, a wait is 11 years. "Is mainly the old Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Mo Ruoyu attracted by the charisma.He is my boss, but also my teacher.
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