such as benzene

such as benzene

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<p>pollution source (light catalyst spraying class representative), daya air purifier&quot; type 20081 &quot;(air purifier class representative), ShangJie&quot; formaldehyde effects dissolving enzyme (dissolving enzyme besmear brushs class represents), beautiful faery 'crystal ball adsorbent adsorption class (crystal ball), midea purifier &quot;KJ20FE - NH2&quot; (air </p>
<p>purifier), mo, air purifier &quot;MJ - 20&quot; (air purifier), division of central &quot;formaldehyde effects dissolving enzyme&quot; (dissolving enzyme besmear brushs class). Warm prompt: when activated carbon is best buy formaldehyde detection at the same time. In the use of activated carbon were measured before they formaldehyde concentration, measured again </p>
<p>after use, so in addition to formaldehyde have effect is obvious. The stand or fall of indoor air quality directly affects the human health, and formaldehyde is the main pollution sources in the bridal chamber decorates, on no account can we ignore the &quot;power&quot;.Indoor air isn't fresh, toilet is faulty, wardrobe, shoe ark, etc all kinds of space is faulty, </p>
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