Design features of multi - layer parquet

Design features of multi - layer parquet

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While the concave and convex slot roughness is the design characteristics of multi-layer parquet, which uses this deliberate design of the burr in the process of sizing pavement, the plastic effect of the floor to eat, so that the plate between the convex groove Of the bite will be more closely, not easy to plate separation phenomenon, will lay the effect of a more overall sense. Skin is so thin, is not very easy to wear?
For multi-layer parquet, the wear resistance is often not determined by the thickness of the epidermis, play a decisive role is to cover the surface of the surface of the paint. When you buy multi-layer parquet, should be more concerned about the quality of the floor surface of the paint.
The specific method is to slant the floor board surface in the bright, from the end of the board to observe whether it is full of uniform paint film, with or without wave-shaped indentation and so on. Paint finish should be uniform, no bubbles, white spots and other phenomena, the surface should not have obvious stains and damage.
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