promote the new standard

promote the new standard

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E0 substrate is committed to the development and application of this technology to the floor. "Yang Zhiming told reporters in May 1993, E0 floor in Europe won the patent certificate Wood Plastic Composite Clothes Rack Patent No. B27N7 / 00 ��, becoming the world's first holder of the European E0 patent certificate flooring manufacturers, and the first in the global E0 flooring commercial production.

He presented to reporters the first European E0 flooring technology patent certificate. In all fairness, with 109-year history, the world's first production and sales of Keno Wood in China's reputation is not greater than the Chinese elephant. March 4, 2005, the elephant held in Beijing, "Elephant E0 Health Pioneer Action" press conference,exterior plastic floor panels announced a high-profile redeployment of 400 million yuan to build a huge health elephant health brand, including 40 million yuan advertising and logo promotion costs.

Power supply of written information also shows that "April 21, the logo in the CCTV2 debut", "only the elephant E0 floor 4 - June current production and sales reached 600 million square meters," and " Kono company from May began a large-scale promotion of its E0 floor. " The application of new technologies to Waterproof Sheeting For Decks promote the new standard for the holy elephant has brought huge profits, although the unit price per square meter from 119 yuan to 99 yuan, three months, the icon will be 600 million yuan easily into the arms.
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