registered this trademark

registered this trademark

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The enterprise how much money out of 3 million yuan, and finally the trademark owner did not sell him I do not know the name of the enterprise In short, the trademark owner told me that I know exactly that a total of 15 companies in our industry try to buy the trademark, and the whole talked about 90 days to July 29, the trademark all composite fence panels cost the talent to determine her E0 Trademark sale ... ... ", about this matter Peng Hongbin is very interesting:" two days ago I told the National Testing Center Director Lu Bin exchange time, said that if I registered this trademark many years ago, there may be 500 million in revenue.

I do not have this Girls smart, so I am still working hard today. "Dekor shot, messed up their own size to promote the cost of 40 million yuan to drop into the registration application composite material producer submitted and shouted out, did not expect to be the first gain. The biggest worry is that at the outset, like the Rhine sun, to promote the concept before the first to spend a small 50 yuan to the Trademark Office to search whether anyone registered a trademark.

Rhine Sunshine manufacturers Connaught transferee E0 registered trademark of the fact that greatly stimulated the brother of the city elephant. In the Rhine Sunshine issued "E0 trademark contractors of bathroom plastic wood wall panel rights Declaration" only two days, November 2 in the new Beijing Dadu Hotel held a no theme of "E0 seminar", by an expert mouth denounced Kono China violated the public Right, speculate that the motive of its transferee is exclusive of public resources.
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