Wood floor of the health effects

Wood floor of the health effects

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Wood is ancient and natural green materials, small toothpicks, chopsticks, wood flooring, furniture and interior decoration, these products and our life, work close to close. However, people are often concerned about the practical value of finished wood products, wood health effects of human health is poorly understood,Select the benefits of pvc railings China's annual consumption of 250 million cubic meters of wood, so the study of wood health effects on human health is essential. Wood has perfect characteristics, can improve the living environment of human beings, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, adjust people's psychological feeling, wood flooring can extend human life, with health care, sterilization, insect repellant, activate cells, absorb ultraviolet light, reduce fatigue Function, which is the evolution of nature by the long-term evolution gives the most perfect human characteristics.
how to play and use of wood characteristics is our most sacred duty! Health, green, comfort is the basic desire of people, and wood health is the wood on human health protection and improve the quality of the role. Human health can cultivate a timber timber, while extraction or synthesis of new health care agents,Quality Of WPC Wall Panel expanding the value of the use of trees. Indian yoga that: trees can be the material in the universe to the people. Different tree species, with different energy, some trees can help people to restore energy, anti-inflammatory disease prevention, such as oak people spirits; spruce can absorb bad energy; pine can transmit beneficial energy; Governance toothache and so on. Wood health effects, mainly in the visual, tactile, hearing, smell, regulation and so on.
(1) visual effects, Beautiful texture of wood, color and diverse, but also the effective absorption of harmful ultraviolet rays on the human eye, therefore, people visual comfortable and healthy. (2) Tactile effect, people and wood contact, the four seasons temperature is similar to walking on the wooden floor, the appropriate hardware and software, and flexible, wood gives a good sense of touch. (3) auditory function, wood is a natural porous material,No Warping Composite Decking sound absorption, sound performance is good. Therefore, decorated with wood materials residential, small echo, good sound insulation, giving a comfortable sense of quiet. (4) olfactory effect. A variety of wood often exudes a special cheerful aroma, used to call "Fendo fine", the test, some of these gases can be sterilization, insecticides, and some can boost the spirit, and some can Calm nerves, resulting in health effects on human health.
(5) regulating the effectiveness of the wood has a certain degree of moisture absorption and desorption properties, so the interior with dry wood decoration, if the air humidity is too large, the wood from the air to absorb part of the water, on the contrary, the release of water, Indoor relative humidity to produce a certain regulatory role, giving a more comfortable environment. According to the determination, in the wood interior, the temperature is lower in the summer, in the winter is warmer. As the wooden floor living room with many of the above excellent results,Select the benefits of pvc railings people who live in a warm, natural, peaceful and comfortable. According to well-known scholars survey, the average life expectancy of wooden residential residents than reinforced concrete residential resides were 9 to 11 years old. But the effect of wood on the health of living room and indoor wood species and ownership are closely related, unwell trees and too little wood consumption, the effect will not be significant.
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