Roller - related knowledge

Roller - related knowledge

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The higher the frequency (lower) the better:
According to the resonance theory of vibration compaction, the vibration frequency of compaction machinery can be higher than that of compaction soil, but when the frequency is too high, the vibration of high vibration causes the vibration wheel to jump off the ground severely, the soil is subjected to random impact, Will cause "over-compaction." So that the material produced by the structure of loose, graded material layer separation, was compacted road surface was "washboard", reducing the compaction quality, while the body vibration serious, the driver unbearable. General compaction subgrade in the 25-40Hz, compaction asphalt concrete in the 30-50Hz as well. The optimum vibratory compaction process should be completed when the material has the greatest degree of compactness and the particles are blended to fill the gap, and no segregation occurs.
The high exciting force corresponds to high amplitude and low frequency, while the small exciting force corresponds to low amplitude and high frequency.
Safe Working Distance = Vibrating Wheel Assignment Weight �� Amplitude Coefficient
In general, large amplitudes correspond to low frequencies (strong vibrations) for the first few compactions; small amplitudes correspond to high frequencies (weak oscillations) for final compaction. This is the user generally referred to as strong vibration and weak vibration. It can adapt to different roads, machinery for a wide range of high quality construction, compaction effect.
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