Strengthen the laminate flooring strong momentum

Strengthen the laminate flooring strong momentum

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The price of solid wood flooring sales to the dilemma at the same time, gave other types of flooring products to bring a great room for growth. A flooring vendors, Changchun is now a lot of low-income people and young people, buy a house to pay the first payment after the cost of renovation has been depleted, and some people can only reach out to the relatives and friends to borrow money decoration.
In this way, relative to the price of solid wood flooring continued to rise, more people will certainly tend to strengthen the laminate flooring, and laminate flooring with its relatively low price of this "rigid" features, and gradually have a mainstream consumer groups, which Over the past few years, rapid growth.
In addition, along with the progress of the times, the consumer's environmental awareness gradually increased, consumer attitudes gradually changed, more and more consumers began to stay away from the large number of forest resources at the foot of the practice, which gives solid wood flooring products Expand the market to create a living.
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