How to add some warmth to your living room?

How to add some warmth to your living room?

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<p>The living room is the first to enter the room after the first visual, in this cold winter, can let the guests a door to feel full of joy and enthusiasm of the owner, furniture and jewelry in which plays a very important role. Especially Christmas,double beach chair with canopy Chinese New Year is approaching, but also the need to the living room from the summer "cold beauty" into a "warm housewife."</p>
<P>1 fabric sofa to the living room temperature</P>
<P>Fabric soft and rich colors to give cloth sofa changing expression, which makes cloth sofa has a strong affinity. Especially in the winter, the bleak wind always makes people doubly miss the fabric. Cloth sofa changing lines on the winter chill atmosphere can play a very good melting effect, sit up when the gentle touch, but also enough to enjoy Shanghao for a while.</P>
<p>This winter cloth sofa,outdoor cafe garden metal black iron chair not only in the style has a great breakthrough, but also in the fabric is also very elegant. Jisheng Weibang mall in Yufeng store, the reporter saw a very modern fabric sofa, the design of the traditional backrest and cushion in the link between the use of the "concave" -shaped structure, and the unique shape of the sofa Forming a seamless feeling. Federal Home Plaza, Mercure Center, Tianhe City, etc. have a lot of fashionable, unique materials for sale sofa fabric.</p>
<p>Of course, due to the winter with a special mission to raise the temperature, the cloth on the market this winter, the sofa is generally the main tone of red, and other warm color of the products are also favorable for the vast number of consumers.</p>
<P>2 to the leather sofa wearing a hat</P>
<P>"So cold! Feel cold!" "How many clothes feel cold!" "The texture of leather looks to make people feel cold!" Winter in the leather sofa is always vulnerable to people's complaints. Moreover, in terms of style, leather sofa is often a style used for several years, but the leather sofa is known for prudent, relatively large volume, would like to put it in the winter collection is very difficult. How to make it look like indifference?</P>
<P>Guangzhou Federation of home furnishing Square Deputy General Manager Huang Wendong told reporters that the winter in the transformation of leather sofas can be "wearing a hat" to achieve. Specifically, is for their beloved leather sofa to do a cover. If you have time and a pair of skilled,collapsible camping bed frame you can go to the fabric market to buy some chic cloth back to their sewing; Of course, if you do not enjoy this, you can measure the size to tailor to help you customize. "Cap" is mainly refers to the sofa Phi a thick warm shawl, of course, the style of shawls can be carefully chosen according to their own preferences, but the color must be selected in warm colors, otherwise you spend the effort also wasted.
In addition, many professionals believe that to increase the number of warm leather sofa pillow may well be a "warming" approach, so more free to play. Moreover, this method has also been widely used in rattan furniture, the reporter in the Jisheng Weibang mall's art vine home to see the sofa in the rattan placed on top of a few cloth pillow, both to meet the visual needs of the warmth, letting Leisure rattan appears more humane.</P>
<p>3 put warm cloth curtains</p>
<P>The presence of curtains in the living room is generally the living room and the balcony of the interval, of course, some luxury living room will be designed to open the structure of several light, the curtain will have more opportunities for performance. As such, curtains play an important role in people exploring the landscape outside the house.</P>
<p>Mercure Center, a business manager for many years of the curtains that the red, orange and other warm colors are the preferred winter curtains. Put warm curtains, when the wind came in, the psychological will also feel that these warm curtains filter out the wind in the air, the most natural warm wind into the room.</p>
<P>Of course, there are a lot of ways to play with inherent curtains, such as simply tying the entire fabric to the curtains or other fixtures and letting them hang straight down, making it simple and chic. However,backpacking camp chair when preparing the fabric, be sure to increase the size of the tie. If possible, try using the old cloth to do a first, so you can accurately know how much fabric.</P>
<P>The carpets</P>
<p>Home is a place where people can be arbitrary, a lot of people at home, the performance is unfettered. But if the living room is tiled, in the winter it becomes a bit cold, even in the relatively warm Guangzhou, the foot will feel very uncomfortable in the above. This time the carpet is to obtain the winter home of the perfect choice.</p>
<P>According to the carpet sales related parties, the choice of carpet color is the primary consideration is the overall color balance with the living room. He pointed out that if the room sofa, curtains and paintings and so on are more obvious thick warm, the carpet is necessary to choose a relatively light color, such as light yellow, so you can balance the overall color of the living room, not People feel too depressed.</P>
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