Adjust the paver of the technical indicators

Adjust the paver of the technical indicators

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The selected ABG423 paver communicates with the paver driver in time and understands and understands the choice of the paver's performance and parameters. Pavement elevation control is achieved by the instrument automatically, but it can not rely entirely on the construction machinery of the automatic, smoothness and other indicators to carry out measurements and check to ensure the integrity of the construction and machinery and equipment safety and stability Sexual indicators. So as to ensure the pavement smoothness better. If the instrument is slow to reflect, coupled with improper use spinner lift too fast will be reflected in the new pavement, affecting the smoothness. Before screeding, if the screed is not heated enough or heated unevenly, the paving will cause the higher temperature mix to bond with the lower screed, causing the paving surface to pull
Hair, small holes, deep trough irregular irregularities. General screed before the screed temperature must be heated to 100 ~ 110 ��. In order to reduce the surface pockmark of the paver during the initial paving and to ensure the speed of the initial paving. In addition, the paving must be carefully checked before the screed flatness, if arch or reverse arch phenomenon, you must adjust the drawbar stretching the length of the screed, and do not meet the requirements scrapped removed, so that iron Flat under the same surface is a slope, to ensure that the road surface smoothness. Vibrator, hammer frequency and paving speed, mixture gradation, temperature and thickness have a great relationship, should be carefully selected according to the instructions of the appropriate frequency. If the top layer of the paving thinner, vibrator, hammer frequency over the General Assembly caused screed resonance, so that paver leveling device is unstable and affect the smoothness. At the same time, should always check the vibrator, rammer belt, belts too loose will make the vibrating frequency, compaction number of different speeds, the formation of the road "washboard." When the direction of the paver is skewed, it must be corrected in time. At this point, the paver side of the track forward, the other side of the slow forward, fast side of the screed in front of a small step forward, the side of the screed screed back there will be a small push back the steps, Affect the smoothness of the road, rolling should be taken to eliminate the measures. At the same time to ensure that the initial paving compaction degree, combined with the type of asphalt mixture and compaction equipment for flexible control of the specific circumstances.
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