a. Theres a few kids at college programs that are going t

a. Theres a few kids at college programs that are going t

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explosion of Australian basketball talent comes from, one must examine the advancement of coaching methods and development in the junior ranks and, in particular, at the Australian Institute of Sport.Founded in 1981 and located in the national capital of Canberra, the AIS has served as the countrys strategic high-performance sports agency.The AIS has had a hand in developing seven of the eight Aussies currently in the NBA. Since 2002, eight NBA draft picks have gone through the AIS -- including Bogut, Exum, Mills and Simmons -- while Dellavedova, Ingles and Baynes spent time there as juniors.I think [the AIS has beenn] very important, Longley says. Hugo Lloris Hotspur Jersey UK. It really exposed me to high-level training and high-level recovery and high-level accountability to what youre doing. The perception originally was that international players were a bit amateur and loose, and the AIS certainly helped resolve that. Its also been a lightning rod for scouts to scout there and see at least some of the cream of the crop.Kids come out of the AIS -- and Delly might be the best example -- and they are very professional and easy to get along with in the locker room. That has endeared a lot of Australian players to coaches. Theyre a good, strong link in the chain in that regard.Exum, who decided to forgo the American college system before entering the NBA draft in 2014, says his time at the AIS was instrumental in helping him make the transition to the professional game.The AIS has definitely played a huge part in it, Exum says. Just being put into a professional environment at a young age helped me. I was there from 15, and it made [me] focus all on basketball -- getting shots, getting into a professional routine. Youre going against the best kids every day.Brown emphasizes that coaches have played a vital role in developing the current crop of Aussie NBA players. The world has gotten smaller, and coaches have better access to materials online.How can you not credit coaches when it comes to this discussion? he says. Im talking right across the board ... very prideful coaches that are highly competitive, highly studied; [coaches] that are really trying to do the right thing in relation to improving themselves, improving the game. That collision of coaching and opportunities for kids to play is massive.The opportunities to play that Brown speaks of shouldnt be overlooked. In a 2014 National Sports Participation report, it was noted that 30.5 percent of Australian kids ages 6-13 participated in basketball.It was a real conscientious effort -- driven by [longtime NBL and Australian national team coach] Lindsay Gaze -- to produce opportunities where people could simply play, Brown says. Once you had the registered basketball players with multiple opportunities to play in [multicourt] stadiums all year around, I think that, just through probability, you were bound to produce more talent.Exum echoes Browns sentiments: You see with the American kids they have such a large pool to choose from, kids are just going to get better and better because theyre going against better opponents, playing more games, and I think thats starting to happen in Australia. Theres more interest in the game, the NBA is really growing and people want to play.That interest will likely continue to produce the next crop of NBA-quality players.Simmons is being heralded as a potential franchise star, and Maker, a still-raw talent, will be given every opportunity to become a factor in Milwaukee. Looking even further ahead, there are 63 Australians suiting up for NCAA teams this season.The days of Australians heading primarily to smaller colleges appear to be over as well, with many of the more highly touted players being courted by leading Division I schools.Weve always had the talent down in Australia, its just [about] being seen, Exum says. The gateway is starting to open up for us. You have Isaac Humphries at Kentucky, Jack White has gone to Duke, even Jack McVeigh at Nebraska. Theres a few kids at college programs that are going to hopefully rise up, and when they get to that senior [level] they can dominate the program and be seen by scouts.While the pump seems primed for more Australians to make it to the NBA, the first player to make the jump takes pride in what already has been accomplished by his countrymen.Certainly the doors are open, but who knows how much talent is going to get coughed up? Its the X factor, Longley says. We might go another generation and not have another kid. ... There are some talented kids out there, [but] I do also think were having a golden patch at the moment.Its a golden era, theres no doubt, in terms of the young talent being produced. Cheap NFL Jerseys
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