Impact resistance of floor surface

Impact resistance of floor surface

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That is to say the method of impact on the floor of the test, the impact of the size of the pit after the pit is the impact of the size of the basis for good or bad performance, the smaller the diameter, the better impact resistance, long service life. Strengthen the composite floor wear layer thickness of 0.1 mm or more, thick up to 0.7 mm.
At present, the interior decoration materials of environmental protection and energy conservation has become a global trend. With the reduction of global forest resources, solid wood flooring prices continue to rise. Many consumers began to look to the environmentally friendly and comfortable laminate flooring and parquet.
As a result of strengthening the composite flooring mainly the use of small fuelwood, less waste of forest resources, is currently in Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries are widely used. The future, high-grade laminate flooring and parquet will become an international consumer trends.
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