Strengthen the floor also needs maintenance

Strengthen the floor also needs maintenance

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Strengthen the floor also need maintenance, but relatively speaking, is still relatively easy, usually do not drip with a rag to clean up on it. Strengthen the floor with lock-type installation, this pavement installation or removal are very convenient. So, how to identify good or bad laminate flooring it? Here to teach you some tips to enhance the quality of the main floor of the substrate, wear-resistant paper, decorative paper, the level of production technology, including the most critical substrate, which directly affect the environmental protection of the floor, moisture-proof products stability.
Identification of good or bad substrate method: a look, two smell, three tests. A look at the color of the substrate and the delicate degree of fiber, poor substrate because there is no washing, peeling, impurities, dark color, black, thick fiber; two smell, some poor substrate, the new saw after some pungent nose (The water temperature of 22 ° C or so, the water can be fully immersed sample is appropriate), soak after 24 hours to see the base material of the expansion of the two, And then test the specimen on a dry surface, 24 hours after the test after the resumption of the situation, to expand the thickness of small, good recovery of the floor is better.
Also look at the soaking the floor of the water turbidity of the specimen transparency, turbidity and high transparency as well. Impact of strengthening the quality of the floor followed by wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant paper directly affect the wear resistance of the floor, you can use 60-70 yuan / a small microscope directly on the wear-resistant paper on the number of aluminum oxide crystals.
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