Carefully choose kitchen decoration materials

Carefully choose kitchen decoration materials

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<p>In a specific home environment, how can we do low-carbon environmental protection? Especially in water, electricity, gas consumption of large - kitchen decoration. Professional designers believe that the "low carbon" is the most primitive form of expression,personalized steel oxford folding outdoor beach chair how to do with the least money to do the most. With the lowest cost, the most common materials and the simplest design, layout out of a stylish, comfortable, safe and healthy home.</p>
<P>Scientific decoration design</P>
<p>In ensuring the kitchen interior space, color, content is well reflected in the circumstances,lightweight aluminium frame folding fishing chair environmental protection design should give full consideration to the selected material is environmentally friendly, the amount is reasonable, the existence of indoor air circulation corner, whether there will be light pollution. To avoid the blind pursuit of luxury decoration. For example, the choice of kitchen lamps.</p>
<p>Chinese food is very particular about color, so the kitchen should be sufficient light, the night light enough to be bright,modern outdoor chairs and the color of the light should be white, otherwise it will affect the color judgments, the meal is not easy to master the furnace. But also to avoid the shadow of light, try not to spotlights. In fact, I see a lot of kitchen decoration, the application of a lot of lanterns, spotlights, looks pretty, but the housewife kitchen, the problem came. These lights, spotlights not only power more, the most important thing is not practical, to see things unclear, color deformation, as tasteless.</p>
<P>Carefully choose kitchen decoration materials</P>
<p>The face of the market variety, different names of the kitchen decoration materials, one is to buy building materials or furniture do not map cheap, as far as possible to the formal market or supermarket to buy; Second, please buy products on the safety and health certification mark affixed to the product , Buy the dealer to ask to meet the new standard test report; Third, let the operator specify the product name, hazardous substances,patio furniture garden outdoor dining chair such as content, grade, etc .; Fourth, use the material as far as possible to retain some small samples, once the problem can be as evidence.</p>
<p>Suggested that consumers choose kitchen tiles, the narrow side of the specifications should be more than 150 mm, the effect of paving after the law-abiding, neat appearance; "If you feel monotonous, you can consider adding a few pieces of tile or waist dotted." At the same time, select the kitchen brick must be given priority to tolerance and easy to scrub, try to use ceramic tile, as little as possible with polished tiles.</p>
<p>Zaoju, electrical appliances need to pay attention</p>
<p>In the home, a large energy consumption is electrical appliances, one is burning gas stove. Pay attention to the appearance of the appliance electrical appliances, while at the same time,60 folding table we must pay attention to whether low-carbon, save money can do good, big things. This seems easy, in fact, very difficult to do.</p>
<p>For example, many consumers believe that the greater the fire the better the gas stove. In fact, the burning of the same gas, different stove heat conversion rate is not the same, high thermal efficiency, the ratio of heat into the higher, the more savings.</p>
<P>Rigorous construction technology</P>
<P>Good and bad decoration company on the market, consumers in the choice of their qualifications should be carefully investigated, the choice of formal home improvement company to ensure that home improvement quality. At the same time, with the decoration company signed a home improvement contract with the best room air quality terms, once the decoration after the indoor air pollution problems, easy to maintain their legitimate rights and interests.</P>
<p>In addition, the kitchen waterproof also requires excellent construction technology. For example, the kitchen floor floor cushion has been completed, through the kitchen floor and floor all the riser, casing has been completed and has been firmly fixed, after acceptance. Kitchen floor between floor leveling floor has been completed, elevation to meet the requirements, the surface should be smooth and calendering, solid. Where the root of the tube against the wall should be wiped out 5% slope, to avoid water here and so on.</p>
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