zakłócenia a zaburzenia rozwoju mowy

zakłócenia a zaburzenia rozwoju mowy

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Proszę o wyjaśnienie terminologii. Czym różnią się zakłócenia i zaburzenia rozwoju mowy?
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Re: zakłócenia a zaburzenia rozwoju mowy

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zakłócenia rozwoju mowy - w tej sytuacji mowa rozwija się na prawidłowym podłożu i nie posiada patologicznego charakteru

zaburzenia rozwoju mowy - wówczas mowa rozwija się na nieprawidłowym podłożu, tzn. nie ma warunków anatomicznych czy psychoneurologicznych do jej rozwoju
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Re: zakłócenia a zaburzenia rozwoju mowy

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love at first sight of the shit. love at first sight? Ghost letter. A fast four-year-old man, with a two-year-old little girl said love at first sight, not a nonsense is what? Even if killed Adidas Scarpe Moxi, she will not believe, not to mention, a difference of two-year-old fast, not to mention the uncle, is to do big brother is enough ah. Mo Xi admitted that he had a good impression on the uncle, but tall and handsome called Uncle, like that guy as chunky, but also a divorced person, at best, is an old master is not good. Can be mobile phone drops of a ring, Mo Xi instinctively want to refuse, the heart of a soft did not put the words issued. Oh. Moxi hair thought, as long as the head is not the root reinforcement, should know the meaning of the meaning of the little brother of the bar Who knows the phone side of the guy so far missing a bar, is simply a head paste no dry matter, completely ignoring the feelings Blauer Nuovo of Miss Miss, self-talk hot. 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To be placed in the past, as an old man, Lao Cai on the business of this earned in February 14, turn the tip and Canada Goose make 7 July is very moncler outlet disgraceful behavior, but immersed in love in the men's IQ are negative, Not to mention Zhesi or unrequited love, I am afraid all negative, and naturally will not let such a good day. You earn your money, I Bo my beauty heart. The road overturned. If you want to say there is any regret, then that is, although the old Cai has been shameless to the heinous level, Mo Xi is still not hot or cold, there is a ride did not take a ride, do not see whether it is intentional or ruthless. Lao Cai to say to these friends to listen to, friends are advised him a lot of age, do not take things too hard, people obviously play it, why should you really seriously. Lao Cai decided to talk with Moxi before Tanabata. A phone call down, Lao Cai more depressed, the last was by wine to confession, Mo Xi did not Nike Roshe Run Slip say anything, this time a pass their own confession, Mo Xi's answer is very firm, although you are too good old Cai, but on the four Word, no feeling. Good Tanabata, into a seven-hi, their own a mess, the bubble all sprayed out, but also sprayed his face. No feeling, in the end what is the feeling? Lao Cai is not clear, he asked Moxi, Moxi also said not clear, but there is no, in other words, that is not like you, this point or understand the old Cai. Lao Cai hung up the phone a sigh. Mo Xi is also a sigh, do not like is not like, she can Under Armour Curry 3 not cheat others, but no way to lie to themselves. For the 20-year-old Mo Xi, Lao Cai is indeed a fairly good man, in addition to some older, there is a period of time, according to his own very painful marriage. With such a phone call, the Nike Air Max Shoes relationship between the two more subtle, Lao Cai feel like a fight with a group of air, no echo no response, physically and mentally exhausted. At this time, Lao Cai found that they began to say those words is too silly, what anyway, I will adhere to in the Zapatos Nike Shox end, insist on ass ah, purely nonsense. Not the early twenties of the young, how will burn fool brain? The two began to become not salty not up, Lao Cai or every day to send news Moxi, good morning, but the phone frequency has dropped a lot, the beginning can still adhere to a day, to three or four days or even a week Only one, each call time from UGG Guantes rosado more than an hour into half an hour, and then to ten minutes, sometimes even three minutes on the relatively silent hang up the phone. Lao Cai is very clear, then go on like this, certainly to do this. In fact, the two also so slowly down the light. 3 The guy called the old brother of the phone is getting shorter and shorter, from the beginning of the day one, to the last phone into a WeChat, and then become occasional salty not greasy greetings, and finally only exist in each other circle of friends, Very clear, with many times before the rotten peach, this time it is so die a natural death. Do not know is lost or relieved, Lao Cai that guy suddenly walked into his own life, and quietly leave, so Moxi a little feeling that is not clear, but fortunately the life of the draft is still boring and full, not long, Everything is gone. Say what love at first sight, obviously is to see the color meaning. Often occasionally think of that guy called Laocai, Mo Xi will not help but whispered in
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