advisable composite decking

advisable composite decking

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such as microwave oven when heated, and the resulting in edm and reflect microwaves, damage the furnace body and can't heating food.Avoid the use of closed containers: heating the liquid should be used wide mouth containers, because food heated in sealed container as it is not easy to heat, high pressure container, easy cause blasting accident.Avoid is used a narrow bottleneck of bottled food: even opened the lid is also due to the pressure expansion,

leading to explosion.Avoid is used a half full opened the cover of bottled baby food or the original bottle put charging heating, in order to avoid the bottle burst.It not heat-resistant containers, such as bamboo, lacquer, with concave and convex shape of glass products, all should not be used in the microwave oven.Porcelain dishes not covered with gold, silver lace. about time: avoid timeout heating food in the microwave thawing or heat,

if you forget to take out, if more than 2 hours, should lose not, lest cause food poisoning.The microwave heating time depends on material and dosage, and also food freshness and moisture content.Due to all kinds of food have different heating time, so in not sure when the heating time needed for food, should be with shorter time advisable, visual degree of raw cooked food after heating and heating time.Otherwise,
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