outside the heat composite decking

outside the heat composite decking

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it is easy to into the erroneous zone of choose and buy, small make up of the refrigerator four pitfalls of choose and buy, to remind consumers choose and buy refrigerators.A, non-fresno freezers freon best corrosion effect for scientific research institute of earth's ozone layer confirms, but it is by far the best refrigerator foaming agent known to man and refrigerant.Use freon refrigerator foaming agent (CFC - 11),

foam evenly, not easy deformation, plastic sheet for bladder non-corrosive, timeliness, adiabatic insulation blanket years does not change, keep saving electricity.The adiabatic performance can effectively cut off the air conditioner in the cabinet with the box outside the heat convection;Using freon (CFC - 12) as refrigerants, refrigerating capacity big, nontoxic, nonflammable, chemical and thermal stability,

contact with the metal, organic material and good adaptability to lubricating oil.All the alternatives on the current international, compared with the freon, such and such deficiencies.Second, frozen force, the better the freezing force is an important technical measure of refrigeration equipment.But refrigeration equipment USES vary, performance requirements are differentiated.And commercial, medical and scientific research with special needs such as compared to the main technical performance instead of refrigeration household refrigerator crisper.
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