am in the latter group myself

am in the latter group myself

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“Overuse injuries of the musculoskeletal system generally occur when a structure is exposed to Nike Air Max 270 Femme a large number of repetitive forces, each below the acute threshold of a structure, producing a combined fatigue effect over a period of time beyond the capabilities of the specific structure.” Hreljac et al. (2000)The question of why runners get injured is one that I have been mulling a lot over the past year. Though I truly believe that most running injuries are ultimately due to training Nike Air Max 2017 Femme errors (some combination of running too far, too fast, and too often), I also suspect that running form and shoe choices can play an important role. Whether this role is outright or by exacerbating the effects of training Nike Air VaporMax Mens errors largely remains to be Adidas Superstar Femme answered. Let me state openly at the outset of this post that I don’t think that there is currently any convincing evidence showing any consistent causal relationship between running shod or unshod, Nike Air Presto Mujer> on the forefoot, midfoot, or heel, and the likelihood of getting injured (there are suggestive relationships which I will touch on in coming posts, but few direct links that can be universally applied). I have seen people who run shod get injured, and I have seen people who run unshod get injured. I have heard from people who regain an ability to run injury free when they go barefoot or to a Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose more minimal shoe, and I have seen people who have run shod for years who have not suffered any form of serious injury (I am in the latter group myself). Given the degree of human variability, we might never find a consistent pattern, but then Nike Air Max Classic BW Mujer again maybe we will – it’s hard to say. I suspect that some people are simply more injury prone than others, some people are better at recovering from minor wear and tear, and we all handle training loads differently.What I would like to do in this post is provide an overview of the causes of repetitive overuse injury in runners, and to talk a bit about my approach to injury prevention and how it relates to my training strategies and my choice(s) of running shoes. Much of what I will write is highly speculative and likely not supported by a wealth of hard data, but I’d like to report my anecdotal Nike Air Max 270 Femme experience in the hope that it will generate discussion and additional thinking on the topic (by both you and I). If you have anything to add or share, please feel free to do so in the comments – I’m very interested to hear more about Nike Air Vapormax Womens different approaches to injury prevention.A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of a podcast called Geeks in Running Shoes. In the episode the hosts, Jason and Raymond, both of whom are beginning runners, asked my friend Lam, who is a physician and writer of the Running Laminator blog, what his approach was to choosing a running shoe. Lam’s response was that he believes in running in several shoes of varying structural properties so as to expose his feet and legs to different stresses and forces on each run. Lam talked about how the feet are remarkably adaptable to the forces they are exposed Nike Air Max 90 Mens to, but that if we overload them in any one way we can run into trouble. Hence, by varying shoes, we constantly expose our feet and legs to varying force application, avoid repeatedly over-stressing them in a single way, and make Adidas Superstar Femme them stronger overall.What struck me when I listened to this is that Lam’s approach and thought process is remarkably similar to my own. One of the topics that I teach about each year in my Human Anatomy and Physiology course is a concept known as Wolff’s Law. Basically, Wolff’s Law states that our bones remodel to better withstand the forces that we habitually expose them to. Most people (including my students when I tell them this) don’t tend to think of bones as dynamic, changing structures. Our typical thought is that a bone is a bone, just a hard white thing inside our flesh that helps to hold our body Adidas Gazelle Mujer together, protect us, and prevent us from collapsing into a pile of mush on the floor. The reality, however, is much more complex.
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