evaporator with frost wpc flooring

evaporator with frost wpc flooring

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check the fridge no plug power supply.4, watched the refrigerator floodlight lighting light to determine whether the power of the refrigerator is through.If the light is not on the electricity pen or multimeter to check whether there is electric power socket,

connect the refrigerator power plug is good.5, whether voltage with a multimeter to check the power supply voltage is lower than 187 v, because the refrigerator according to the national standards for normal use voltage of 187 v, 187 v (except manufacturer otherwise specified), lower than 187 v compressor of the refrigerator can not be normal boot. refrigerators refrigeration elimination method cut casing, change the buffer tube,

or screw tightening. first find out system leak parts, welding repair of qualified, pressure, time, add refrigerant to a certain amount, usually in the evaporator with frost or refrigerator to reach the rated temperature shall prevail. capillary or blockage in a dryer, outlet are fever, therefore, to tear open come down to clear!In addition,
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