board the quality of the plate

board the quality of the plate

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to the production floor, the entire formation of a complete industrial chain, help to control product quality. Imitation wood flooring substrate is usually done a number of thick, thicker than to do more complex thin, all requirements are higher. But now do imitation wood floor thick, thick, and the quality has reached the requirements? cheap outdoor flooring
Good density of the substrate surface to be higher, the middle of the density to be slightly lower, the following density but also higher, why the surface of it higher, impact resistance, wear resistance, the middle of the lower, help In elastic play, to improve the foot feeling, the bottom is the ground contact, but also higher density, if the substrate production process control is not good, do not density uniformity.Faux Stone Panels on Deckinged Out Episode
When you encounter moisture, uneven density of the place where the problem will be uneven expansion. Today, we even board the quality of the plate, but how to go to this more difficult plate it! That several consumers to introduce us, how to see through the eyes of this kind of five bad eyes. Consumers how to identify it, strengthen the floor of the product homogeneity, in the early stage is difficult to determine how the quality of this boardcomposite white floor decking,
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