Sergio Aguero Argentina Jersey

Sergio Aguero Argentina Jersey

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Arturo Vidal Happy With Choice Of Bayern Over United - RealGM Wiretap
Arturo Vidal believes he made the right choice turning down Manchester United to sign with Bayern Munich.

"Yes , there was a chance to come to England," Vidal said. "It was last summer, and at one point, we thought that is what would happen.

"I liked the opportunity that they had offered me, but eventually it did not happen and I chose to come to Bayern. There are always many teams around that go to my agent.

"I wanted to come to a team this strong and to a project that is so ambitious. I feel very happy.

"It helped that I knew what the country was like and what the people were like. We are better, me and my wife and my children. Life is good, very calm. We are starting to feel more comfortable."

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