public green area of ​​7.39 square

public green area of ​​7.39 square

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further increase the young forest tending efforts, afforestation quality continues to increase. The proportion of non-public forest production continued to grow, more than 50%. Land greening made new progress, the annual participation in the number of voluntary tree planting reached 540 million people, planting 2.23 billion,garden floor price
urban green coverage has reached 31.66%, per capita public green area of ​​7.39 square meters, the national green channel 41,674.7 km. Ecological construction steadily, the key project results significantly In 2005, forestry key projects continue to reduce the area of ​​afforestation, engineering benefits gradually significant.Eco Composite Decking Suppliers
The annual afforestation area of ​​310.91 million hectares, down 35.27%, accounting for 85.47% of the national afforestation area; this year, the new closure mountain (sand) irrigation area of ​​237.57 million hectares, accounting for the new closure of the mountain (sand) The Natural forest resources protection project In 2005,Diy Garden Bench Restoration Kit
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