Salient Features of PSA Nitrogen Generators

Salient Features of PSA Nitrogen Generators

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We are manufacturing state of Art Nitrogen Plants, PSA Nitrogen Generators and PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants in technical collaboration with carbo Tech, Germany. These work on pressure swing adsorption principle. We provide variety of PSA nitrogen plants, nitrogen gas generator, Hydrogen Generation by water electrolysis, Water electrolysis based Hydrogen Plants, Hydrogen Generation Plant by water electrolysis, refineries, water electrolysis based hydrogen plants and chemical plants, oil and gas platforms, metal-treatment, tankers and storage tanks, pipelines etc.

Salient Features of PSA Nitrogen Plants:

Capacities upto 2000 NM3/hr.
No fuel is required
Purity upto 99.999% is easily achievable
Low Capital & running cost
Start up time of only 15 minutes

Nitrogen generation plant based on the PSA process consist of two adsorbers filled with carbon molecular sleve (CMS). Compressed and purified air is passes through the absorbers. Mainly oxygen is absorbed on the carbon molecular sleve and nitrogen enriched gas is leaving the absorber. The oxygen concentration can be reduced to almost all required levels. During adsorption in one adsorber the second adsorber is totally regenerated just by depressurization to ambient pressure. The oxygen enriched off gas is vented. After about one minute adsorption in one adsorber the process controller is switching over to the second adsorber. Nitrogen Machine: ... ng-plants/
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