From Bryce Harper's hair to a surprising relief star: The be

From Bryce Harper's hair to a surprising relief star: The be

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Fernandez's locker Adidas Pierre-Luc Dubois Womens Jersey at Marlins Park has been a memorial leading up to the game. Martinez was in the locker next to Fernandez's, just as he was during the World Baseball Classic, by request of his close friend Marcell Ozuna. Fernandez, who was born in Cuba, was the Marlins' ace. He and two of his friends died in September when Fernandez's boat crashed into a Miami Beach jetty at high speed. Authorities concluded that Fernandez had cocaine and alcohol in his system. Among his unfulfilled goals was to start the All-Star Game at his home ballpark. Clayton Kershaw stood in the NL clubhouse before Tuesday's game across from Fernandez's locker. "It's sad for sure to see that," said Kershaw. "Obviously he meant a lot to everybody, because his locker is still here. You reflect for sure." Marlins owner Adidas Dion Phaneuf Youth Jersey Jeffrey Loria said Miami's hosting the All-Star Game would not have happened without Fernandez. "His last five starts would probably have been one-hitters, so he would have forced the issue," Loria said. "He is on my mind every day, every single day. It's something that doesn't disappear for me, unfortunately. No doubt he would have been an All-Star. He would have found a way to be the starter." Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton agreed. "His No. 1 thing to that point, besides winning Cy Young, was to start this game," Stanton said. Taveras and Ventura died in car accidents in the Dominican Republic. Taveras died in October 2014 and Ventura died earlier this year, on Jan. 22. Information from ESPN's Marly Rivera and The Associated Press was used in this report. Bryce Harper, RF, Washington Nationals: He has to be No. 1, right? After all, he led all players in All-Star votes, he's putting MVP-caliber numbers on a first-place team and he even praised his wife a few days ago for waiting out what he called a "lame rain delay" –- when it didn't rain for two hours. But what's he the best at? He doesn't hit the most home runs. He doesn't hit the ball the longest or the hardest. He isn’t the best defensive right fielder or the fastest guy. You know what he’s the best at? Hair. He has wonderful, charismatic hair -- the kind of hair to dream about. It's almost a shame he can't play without a hat, just to see that hair. Aaron Judge, RF, New York Yankees: The second-leading vote-getter and the best player in the American League in the first half, the rookie is a large human with the strength of a dozen men. You know what he's best at? Hitting the ball hard. He has the highest average exit velocity in the majors, the four hardest-hit balls of the season and the longest home run. Max Scherzer, RHP, Washington Nationals: He's the best bad boy in the league. Clayton Kershaw seems like a nice guy out there, a laid-back dude from Texas who Adidas Authentic Milan Michalek Youth Jersey will crush your spirit with fastballs on the corner and unhittable breaking stuff. Indeed, Kershaw is like a businessman doing his job. But Scherzer, he'll glare at opponents or the umpire and stomp around the mound and sometimes just challenge batters with a fastball down the middle, because, you know, he just wants to see if they can hit it or not. Ultimately, he's the best at not allowing hits: His .163 average allowed is easily the lowest among starting pitchers. Corey Seager, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers: He has been compared to Cal Ripken for his size and ability to play shortstop and, like Ripken, he's not flashy. Bellinger's hot start also has stolen some of his thunder, even though Seager is producing a .900 OPS. What makes Seager so good: Even though he rarely pulls the ball, he has the strength to power the ball out to center and left-center; nine of his 13 home runs have gone to center and two to left field. Last year, I ranked all the All-Stars by how fun they are to watch and was immediately and deservedly destroyed by Phillies fans for the low ranking of Odubel Herrera. Hey, would you watch Phillies games if you didn't have to? This year, I was going to rank the players by ability, but that's too similar to the MLBRank Top 100 we just did. Instead, I’ve ranked them based on something akin to the "it" factor, based on my own complicated proprietary formula that I'm not going divulge. Suffice it to say, in some regards this is the "Star" part of "All-Star." Each player description includes something that they’re the best at or what makes them so good.
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