Former Aberdeen High School, Moose Lodge, listed for sale

Former Aberdeen High School, Moose Lodge, listed for sale

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The City of Aberdeen has listed for sale the former Aberdeen High School on Route 40, as well as the former Aberdeen Moose Lodge on Rogers Street.
The former high school has already attracted interest from regional operators of apartment complexes, senior citizen care facilities, even facilities for the care patients with dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.
The property, at 34 N. Philadelphia Blvd., was listed with MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate, of Lutherville, in early July.
"We've had some good inquiry calls," Tom Fidler, executive vice president and principal of MacKenzie, said Monday.
The city acquired the building, which was constructed in 1908, from Harford County in February for $1. The building was expanded in 1924 so elementary students could attend, too, and it ceased to be used as a school by the 1950s when the current Aberdeen High campus was developed off Paradise Road.
Following its use as a school, the Route 40 building was used for assorted community services, including Health Department functions, until it was closed in 2014 after a plumbing leak.
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Re: Former Aberdeen High School, Moose Lodge, listed for sal

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