Greg Gabriel: Breaking down Penn State S Marcus Allen

Greg Gabriel: Breaking down Penn State S Marcus Allen

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We have seen in the past few years the emergence of safeties as premium draft choices. In this past Draft, three players at that position got selected in the opening round, and another six were selected in the second round. Needless to say it has become a very important position to NFL evaluators.
One of the more interesting safeties NFL scouts will be watching this season is Penn State’s Marcus Allen. Allen is a true fourth-year senior who has been a starter since midway through his freshman year. Last year, Allen was Penn State’s leading tackler, with 110 total tackles including six tackles for loss. As a sophomore in 2015 he was credited with 74 total tackles.
Allen has very good safety size. He is listed as being 6’2 – 205, but looks heavier and has the frame to easily carry 215-220 once he gets to the NFL. Allen is a good-to-real good athlete with good speed for the position. I would estimate his speed at about 4.55. While he is not a burner, he is quick and has a burst. As an athlete, Allen has quick feet, loose hips and easily changes direction. His body control in the open field is very good.
Allen has a solid, well-muscled frame and plays with both strength and explosion. He has snap through his hips on contact and when tackling, he seldom gives ground to his opponent.
Allen is best in the run game, where he can play either deep or close to the line of scrimmage. He is instinctive with quick reactions and makes plays both near the line of scrimmage and downfield. In the run game he is aggressive taking on blocks, can shed quickly and is a sure tackler. You see some blow-up hits on occasion.
In the pass game, Allen again plays both up close to the line of scrimmage and deep. He is used mostly in zone but does matchup in man coverage at times. He has the quickness and suddenness needed to play man along with good play speed. In zone he gets depth, is alert and does a good job keeping plays in front of him. Allen shows he can come off the hash or from the middle of the field and make plays on the ball at the sideline.
The main concern with Allen in coverage is that, even though he has started games since his freshman year, he still doesn’t have a single interception. He makes plays on the ball and gets PBUs, just not picks. As good of a player as he is in the run game, his lack of interceptions will be a concern to scouts. Go back to last year, and you can remember all the talk about Michigan’s Jabril Peppers’ reported lack of ball skills. Unless he makes some plays on the ball and gets interceptions, Allen will come with the same worries.
Overall, I see Allen being a strong safety once he reaches the NFL. With his size, strength and explosiveness, he may also be looked at as a potential hybrid linebacker-type by some clubs. While he can be a very steady player in the run game, he has to improve his ball skills in order to be a regular at the NFL level. If he shows Michael Thomas Kids Jersey improvement in that area this season, it will improve his draft stock tremendously. The college season opens up in less than five weeks, so we will find out soon enough.
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