Plenty of fight left in Patriots running back Brandon Bolden

Plenty of fight left in Patriots running back Brandon Bolden

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So what else is new?
Six years since talking his way into an opportunity here at Gillette Stadium, Bolden is used to life on the edge.
“I didn’t expect to be here the first couple days actually. I told Bill [Belichick] first day if you give me the opportunity, I’m going to run with it, and I doubt you’ll catch me,” said Bolden. “He’s still playing chase back there.”
Bolden, a Mississippi product, ran for four yards last year. Four. And he hasn’t run for a TD since 2014. Still, here he is, fighting for a job for the sixth time in Patriots camp.
“That’s something you have to ask Bill. I gave up on that question a long time ago, I don’t know, why am I still here,” said the two-time Super Bowl champ. “I gave up on that. I just put my head down and work every day, it’s worked for me. Here we take every phase of the game seriously. I adopted that myself, so every time, it’s called for me on special teams, I take it as seriously as possible. Like I said, it’s worked for me in the past.
“Whether it’s offense, special teams, or they want me to go out there and play the three technique on defense, I’ll go do that, too.”
Bolden, while a non-factor in the run game recently, has been quite impactful in the kicking game. It’s the major reason he’s here. He just hopes he can keep the run going.
“I’ve been here six years now. It’s all I know,” he said. “I like it here. I’m very comfortable here. I’m into the program. Being here as long as I have, it’s a part of me.”
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