Pair recorded jumping on cars in movie theater lot arrested

Pair recorded jumping on cars in movie theater lot arrested

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LINDEN -- Two men who were recorded by a friend jumping on cars in a movie theater parking lot in July have been arrested.
Joye Dossantos-Rosario, 21, and Kyle Williams, 22, both of Linden, were charged with third-degree criminal mischief after being arrested Thursday, Linden police said in a statement Monday.
A video posted to social media showed the boisterous pair laughing as they went from car to car, leaping and tumbling on vehicles parked at the AMC Aviation 12 theater on July 19.
At least one vehicle had a cracked windshield from the vandalism spree.
Dossantos-Rosario and Williams were given summonses. Both are due in Superior Court later this week.
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Re: Pair recorded jumping on cars in movie theater lot arres

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