Brak artykulacji K

Brak artykulacji K

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Witam moja córcia niedawno skończyła 20 miesięcy mówi już bardzo dużo i często pełnymi zdaniami ale od niedawna zauważyłam, że wcale nie wypowiada literki k zastępuje ją innymi. Co powinnam zrobić? Jeszcze poczekać, ćwiczyć z nią w domu (jak?)czy już udać się do specjalisty?
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Re: Brak artykulacji K

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create the best conditions for children never need to be cruel in the somersault Of course, no one can do it. Therefore, many parents unconsciously let their children feel the reality of premature contact, the so-called 'poor family's children as early as home', 'young children suffering from frustration grew faster.' So, I appreciate Lin Zhiying Nike Air Max Command can not from the big stream, when the child is small, give him a fairy moncler outlet sito ufficiale tale childhood, not quick success to ask the child 'hurry up', 'early sensible.' When the child was questioned Jiao, mother, when asked about the pure man of the problem, he is not easily outside the concept and remarks, adhere to the 'hope Kimi is a refined gentle man.' This is the father and son of the heart forever kept a fairy tale, no matter how realistic the world more cruel, their souls have a pure land. As a child, it is envious of Kimi to have a dad that has exhausted his efforts to support the fairy tale castle. The future parents, admire Lin Zhiying can not win or lose face, not utilitarian not impatient to give children a pure childhood.Memory UGG Guantes rosado is like the morning fog, in a bunch of warm sunshine, gradually melt. I stood in the middle of the road, aiming at the end of the road is Karina. Karina golden curls floating in the mist, hazy face can not see the joys and sorrows, her high raised his right hand, like a greeting, but also like a farewell, Messenger in the back of her baggage, claws Of the dragon embroidery different kind of eye-catching, that I was in her seventeen years old, send her birthday gift, at the moment look past, new still. ............ I looked at the snow as white as the fog of the ceiling, how many years, and I thought that period of intense color has long disappeared in my life, I suddenly dreamed of Carina. I opened the curtains looked out the window, a dark paint, I wry smile sigh, now sleep is not sleep ... ... from the drawer to work out the phone, press the phone button , As expected, beep twice, the phone was picked up. HY know the habit of my sleep, the phone is always not shut down. Holding the phone, I can not wait to wake up Under Armour Curry after canada goose outlet the heart of the inexplicable sadness and impulse to talk out, even the rush of the New Year wishes are not willing to say more. 'You ah, really wayward!' HY slightly sigh in the sound reveals a helpless smile and indulgence of tolerance. If the phone is visible, I will be able to see the moment HY shook his head, mouth blanket open a warm curvature ... ... At the age of thirteen years, his father in a political storm in the political opponents deliberately persecuted, has always been the position of the transcendent father became a victim of factional struggle. 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I transplanted the watermelon seedling into a small yard, and it was a good care for it, but I was glad to be in the growing thriving watermelon seedlings on a small melon real time, Iva appeared in this he never entered the small The yard. He said arrogantly that it was his field and lifted the stone and smashed my melon and melon. I was really sad, but immediately cried out, do not even care about my most New Balance Scarpe hated Iva in front of a fool. 'Do not cry, and then cry ... ... that the Great Wall, right, the Great Wall ... ... the Great Wall will be down!' Suddenly, a gentle with a playful voice speak of awkward Chinese words in my ears, followed by me Was embraced into a warm embrac
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